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Cars Wanted

From time to time, we will be looking for specific year model cars to meet the needs of our clients. “Generous "Bird Dog" fee are paid for finders of Porsche cars. Just point us to the car (any year) and if a deal is met we will pay you a substantial pre-negotiated fee.

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Email Us"Pure power is cheap and safety unexciting. It is performance, luxury and excellence that differentiates a car from a machine and a work of beauty" Dick Thorpe
Email Us1956 through 1965 356s (A's, B's, C's)in any condition. I will pay top money for solid cars running or not. I will also pay a 'bird-dog' fee if you lead me to a car that I ultimately purchase.
Email Us1969-1973 Ts, Es and Ss - Coupes or Targas in any condition running or not! I pay handsome 'bird dog' fees for leads on cars you may even just know about, that will lead to a sale.
Email Us1987 thru 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera's especially Coupes and Targas.
Email Us1996-1998 C2S and C4S's. I am a big player for any of these cars in any condition
Email UsWe're on the hunt for any year Porsche's in any condition for customer projects...what do you have sitting in the garage or back yard? 1956-1989 especially 356's, 912s, and 911s